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  • Interviewer:

    So you can't watch your movies with audiences?

  • David Fincher:

    No, it's like having a caesarian in front of 700 people. It’s horrible. It’s horrible. You can always make something better. They say, and it’s true, movies aren’t finished, they’re abandoned. And you have to make your peace with that.

Last week a girl in my class asked me who was on the background of my computer and in my head I was like “This is my future wife, the most beautiful woman in the whole world, someone with hands so beautiful it’s hard to look at. If you’re a woman you don’t know whether you’re in love with her or want to be her.” But I just said “Oh she’s just some actress.”

Had a mini heart attack, last night my computer wouldn’t turn on so my fear was that when I would go to Apple to have it fixed that they would get rid of all my files (ALL MY ROONEY FILES!). So, I went in today and they hooked it up to the TV since the monitor wasn’t working and everyone in the store saw my Rooney background. Long story short I have to back up all my files for my computer and it says its going to take 12 hours! Well fuck.

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